Capital City

   Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
81 lacs to 1.09 cr

About Project

Adhiraj Samyama invokes a unique design philosophy - Samyama or balance, to help you attain the perfect work-life equilibrium. Samyama permeates all aspects of the township to achieve the perfect yin-yang between tradition and innovation, nature and culture, light and shade, work and play.

Thus, Adhiraj Samyama is your passport to an exclusive world of never-before assembled amenities that make living here, an experience to be savoured for generations.

Be it the state-of-the-art Clubhouse Elysium that features the most comprehensive range of sporting and recreational facilities ever assembled under a single roof; or the water-body facing restaurants, cafes and patisseries; or the High Street shopping zone and retail plaza; or amphitheatres where you can watch theatre and listen to mellifluous ghazal sessions under starry skies; or galleries that will host exhibitions of budding painters, you can soak up a multi-dimensional life the way it is meant to be lived, in all its hues.

Across the world, capitals define the focal point of a province and represent the seat of power, bringing together the finest of global architecture, culture, lifestyle, commerce and growth.
Adhiraj Codename Capital City Kharghar is located at the focal point of the 21st century metropolis: Navi Mumbai,
presenting a world-class living experience curated by Asia’s finest architecture and lifestyle consultants.
Adhiraj Codename Capital City Kharghar is all set to become the iconic landmark defining the new capital of Navi Mumbai.

The Architectural Capital
An architectural marvel inspired
by the world’s foremost architects
based out of Singapore – Asia’s
global architectural powerhouse.

The Lifestyle Capital
A bustling hub with a host of global
brands and iconic recreational
avenues for every need, managed by
Asia’s finest leisure consultants.

The Commercial Capital
An iconic development set to become
the city center of Navi Mumbai with
the best of residential, commercial and
high-street retail coming together.

The Cultural Capital
A vibrant destination where creative,
social and spiritual avenues, spread
across acres of central greens, offer
an evolved living experience.

The Investment Capital
At MMR’s top real estate hotspot with the
best returns of this decade (128.54%^),
promising exponential growth with 8 more
mega infrastructure projects underway.

Adhiraj Codename
Capital City Kharghar elevates
all five dimensions of the rightful
capital of Navi Mumbai.